Carbon Emission Management

Our team has an expertise of more than 10 years in the implementation of carbon emission management strategies, including the certification of activities in the service and industry sector.

Our services are divided into three main areas of action :

(1) Consulting or auditing for airports within the scope of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme (ACA) implemented by the Airport Council International (ACI).

(2) The management process for obtaining the Carbon Neutral Certification for products, organizations or events.

(3) The formalization of projects that seek to obtain or commercialize carbon credits in the international market.

Agricultural Sustainability

Enerion Renewables develops a global approach to increase and guarantee the sustainability requirements and the continuous improvement of products and organizations. We are the ideal partners to face the challenges of the market and take advantage of the opportunities of the new environmental responsibility, with attention to the agricultural, social and cultural aspects, as well as the economic benefit.

Our services include :

(1) Evaluating sustainability throughout the life cycle of products and organizations through the identification and adoption of recognized indicators and compliance requirements.

(2) Applying innovative techniques in agriculture aimed at increasing the quality and environmental compatibility of finished products.