We manage the procedures for an airport to adhere to the Airport Carbon Accreditation Program (ACA), established by the Airport Council International (ACI). This includes, among other aspects : 

(1) Implementation of carbon emission management policies (2) Compliance with applicability criteria for each level of accreditation (3) Preparation of reports & communication tools (4) Management of the carbon credit acquisition process

ACA is the only officialairport carbon program.

We currently provide our services to more than 20 airports throughout the world.


Our team has a valid official authorization for auditing airports during the verification process. Our services include, among others :

(1) The strategic review of the file (In-site & off-site) (2) Technical review & compliance with general program criteria (3) Preparation of findings and verification statement

In accordance with the rules of the Programme, we cannot provide verification and consulting services at the same time