The reduction measures are part of an Emissions Management Policy, which includes the implementation of green technologies and sustainable processes, 3 categories are to be highlighted :

(2) Use of renewable energy : the company has made significant efforts since the conception of its plants to depend as little as possible of hydrocarbons. The related measures include built-in clean technologies based on biomass cogeneration and photovoltaic panels.

(2) Waste management : the Process Waste Management Plan in the company’s plants is comprehensively implemented; ensuring that 100% of the process waste is recycled or utilized energetically by third parties.

(3) Energy efficiency : the measures in this category include shifting to newer vehicles, using electric forklifts, installing LED lights in buildings.

Due to the use of renewables, 83% of the total electricity required to produce and package 1 liter of anhydrous is green and renewable

100% of the process steam is also based on renewables

Regarding the effluents, especially vinasse, these are reincorporated to the plantations, which partially avoids the acquisition of agrochemicals and their transport

It is estimated that without the different measures, around 31,600 tCO2e  would have been emitted annually into the atmospherestas medidas son objeto de continua implementación y expansión.