Product Emissions: The Carbon Footprint (CFP) includes the entire life cycle of the products, it is also called cradletograve, which covers (1) the manufacture and transport of raw materials, including sugar cane alcohol and packaging material (glass bottles, cardboard, lids, labels, boxes,…), (2) rum manufacturing processes, (3) maritime land transport, (4) product consumption & (5) final disposal of packing material. 

Emissions of the Organization: the CFP of the Organization is limited to the emissions of its 2 plants in San Pedro de Macorís and includes (1) manufacture and transport of raw materials, (2) energy consumption in corporate offices, (3) losses in the distribution of electricity, (4) the transport of people, among others. 

In both procedures, Bilan Carbone® has been used as an emission calculation tool; likewise, “The Carbon Neutral Protocol” has been used as a standard for defining inventory boundaries.