The neutralization of emissions is carried out annually since 2016 through a voluntary & transparent offset program, based on Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard (GS) projects. 

Since the beginning of the program, more than 100,000 tCO2e have been offset, covering 100% of the emissions of the entire product life cycle, as well as those additional emissions related to the organization. 

In 2019, the offset was effective through the acquisition of 17,720 VCUs (Verified Carbon Units) from a 15MW wind generation project located in Mauritania, Northwest Africa. The project was implemented in 2016 and is the first wind power plant in the country providing clean electricity to some 140,000 people. 

The offset projects from previous years have included the preservation of forest in the Amazon, the treatment of municipal solid waste in Mexico, wind power generation in Honduras and the shift to efficient stoves in rural communities in Ghana.